Embedded Commands

Commands to the synthesizer may be embedded in the input text and are enclosed in double braces {{.....}}. For example, you could use the rate and pitch commands to create emphasis on the last part of "I thought I told you to never play with matches!":

"{{rate 150; pitch 100}}I thought I told you to {{rate 90; pitch 130}}never play with matches."

Notice that multiple commands may be used within braces when they are separated by a semi-colon.

Command Examples:

read Spanish text
read English text
{{voice robotoid}}
change to the robotoid voice personality
{{pitch 100}}
change the pitch to 100 Hz
{{rate 160}}
change the speaking rate to 160 words-per-minute
{{voicing breathy}}
change to a breathy voice quality
{{tone -2}}
make the voice less bright
{{dash 300}}
make all dashes pause for 300 milliseconds

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